When you look at a woodblock print or a linocut print it can be one colour only or many colours. For many years I limited my images to single colour such as black ink on white paper. Simple can be beautiful.

When you see many colours in a print then it is usually done either by using a different block for each colour or by means of colour reduction.

Colour reduction prints are carved from a single block which is carved and inked for each colour.

We usually begin with carving the white areas away and then print (the entire edition) with a light colour.

Next we carve away where that colour will show and print a darker shade.

This process is repeated until you wind up with a dark colour or black.

There can be any number of layers involved. Once the printing is done you cannot go back and change any of the original colours. It is done.

Different stages in printing of “Masked Dancer” 15″ x 16″ colour reduction print

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