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I am a printmaker and my prints are mostly woodblock, linocut, and painterly monotype prints.

Recently my work has been inspired by nature, music, dance, drama, and ancient stories.

I love learning and exploring processes, techniques and materials and enjoy sharing my work as it evolves and changes in direction.

I have long been both artist and teacher. I have taught young children, youth and adults. I have a BFA from Emily Carr School of Art and a B.Ed and M.Ed from UBC in Early Childhood Education.

I was an Instructor at Langara College until my retirement and I now divide my time between my making art and sharing art within the community. In recent years I have taken workshops at Malaspina Printmakers.

For me art making remains an ongoing adventure.

Joanne Brown

To inquire about my work, or to buy one of my prints, please get in touch below:

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